Aditya Mehta


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Aditya Mehta

Aditya Mehta (born 31 October 1985 in Maharashtra) is an Indian professional snooker player. He practises with Alfie Burden and Anthony Hamilton in London.

In 2013, Mehta became the first Indian to reach the final of a ranking tournament at his home event, the Indian Open. In the 2014 Paul Hunter Classic, Mehta made his first ever Maximum break in professional competition.

Mehta began his professional career by playing Challenge Tour in 2004, at the time the second-level professional tour.He was nominated for a Main Tour place for the 2008/2009 season. He was the first Indian to play on Main Tour since Yasin Merchant did in the 1990s. He fell off the tour at the end of the season but regained a place for the 2011/2012 season due to being awarded the Asian nomination. Aditya won a Silver and a Bronze medal in Men’s Snooker Team and Men’s Snooker Singles respectively, at the 2010 Asian Games held in Guangzhou, China.

Aditya Mehta is brand ambassador of Snooker Portal and writes regular blog posts and column for Indian Sports portal.